ikea outdoor bench

The Latest Outdoor Bench Trends: What’s Hot in 2024

Thinking of revamping your outdoor space? I’ve got just the solution for you – the IKEA outdoor bench. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy nook in your garden or a stylish seating area on your patio, this versatile piece of furniture has you covered. With its sleek design and durable materials, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and style.

IKEA Outdoor Bench

Durability and Material Quality

When it comes to IKEA outdoor benches, durability and material quality are top-notch. The benches are crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that ensure long-lasting performance even in outdoor settings. The sturdy construction of IKEA outdoor benches makes them suitable for withstanding various weather conditions without compromising on their quality. This aspect is crucial for ensuring that your outdoor bench remains in excellent condition for years to come, making it a reliable choice for outdoor seating solutions.

Design and Aesthetics

IKEA outdoor benches are not just durable but also excel in design and aesthetics. The sleek and modern designs offered by IKEA cater to various outdoor décor styles, from contemporary to traditional settings. The aesthetically pleasing look of IKEA benches enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space, adding a touch of sophistication and style. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a more elaborate look, IKEA outdoor benches come in a range of options to suit your preferences and elevate the overall ambiance of your garden or patio.

Key Features of Popular IKEA Outdoor Bench Models



I have come across the ÄPPLARÖ series by IKEA, known for its timeless design and sturdy construction. These outdoor benches typically feature acacia wood, a durable and weather-resistant material perfect for outdoor furniture. The ÄPPLARÖ benches often come in various sizes, offering flexibility to fit different outdoor spaces.


Another noteworthy outdoor bench series by IKEA is the KUNGSHOLMEN collection. These benches are crafted using rattan, making them lightweight yet strong for outdoor use. The KUNGSHOLMEN series is known for its modern and minimalist design, ideal for creating a contemporary outdoor setting. With removable and washable cushion covers, these benches offer practicality alongside style.

Comparing IKEA Outdoor Bench Prices

Value for Money

When comparing IKEA outdoor bench prices, I notice that the ÄPPLARÖ series offers great value for money. The timeless design and sturdy acacia wood construction make it a durable choice that will last for years without breaking the bank. The range of sizes available ensures that there’s an option for every outdoor space, whether it’s a cozy balcony or a spacious garden.

Warranty and Customer Service

In terms of warranty and customer service, IKEA stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction. When purchasing an outdoor bench from IKEA, you can typically expect a warranty that covers manufacturing defects for a specified period. Additionally, IKEA’s customer service team is known for being responsive and helpful in addressing any concerns or issues that may arise post-purchase. This level of support adds to the overall value of investing in an IKEA outdoor bench.

Alternatives to IKEA Outdoor Benches

Other Brands’ Offerings

When exploring options beyond IKEA outdoor benches, several reputable brands offer compelling alternatives. For example, brands like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot provide a diverse selection of outdoor benches that cater to various styles and budgets. Target’s outdoor bench collection features modern designs with weather-resistant materials, ideal for enhancing outdoor spaces. In contrast, Walmart offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality, making it a suitable choice for cost-conscious consumers. 

DIY Alternatives

For those looking to embrace a hands-on approach, DIY alternatives present a creative and customizable option for outdoor seating solutions. By repurposing old wooden pallets or reclaimed lumber, I can craft a unique outdoor bench that reflects my personal style. DIY tutorials and plans available online provide step-by-step instructions for building custom benches, allowing me to unleash my creativity and tailor the design to fit my outdoor space perfectly.