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Mike Bridges – Founder

Mike Bridges is the visionary founder behind Hayaudio.com. With a lifelong passion for interior design and a keen eye for innovation, Mike set out to create a platform where individuals could find inspiration and guidance to transform their living spaces. His dedication to excellence and commitment to empowering others have been driving forces behind the success of Hayaudio.com.

Stella Harrington – Co-founder

Stella Harrington is the creative force and co-founder of Hayaudio.com. With a background in outdoor living and a love for DIY projects, Stella brings a unique perspective to the team. Her innovative ideas and hands-on approach have helped shape Hayaudio.com into the go-to destination for design enthusiasts and DIY aficionados alike.

Together, Mike and Stella share a passion for helping others unleash their creativity and make their design dreams a reality. Their combined expertise, vision, and dedication have been instrumental in establishing Hayaudio.com as a trusted resource for all things interior design, outdoor living, and DIY projects.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Sam Smith

Interior Designer

Diane Banks

Outdoor Decorator

Mike Straut


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